A community created by and for europeans who travel to New York

New York is, and always will be, the place to be. Every year millions of european people travel to the Big Apple in search of tourism, English classes, work and new experiences. It was our first international destination, so we understand this. We arrived here in 2006, and we realised how difficult it can be to be properly feel the pulse of this great city. For this reason, we wanted to do what we could in order to make life a little easier for those either beginning a new life here, or who are just visiting for a short while.

Something we all agree on is that this city has something special, there is a New York for everyone. For the sportsman, the business person, the dreamer, the young, the not-so-young who want to give their life a little boost, for everyone...you just have to find the New York for you.

Many of us have an image of New York taken from what we have seen on the big screen, but this is just the surface. Sights, smells, architecture, diversity, modernity and surprises await you on every corner. There is a reason this is called the city that never sleeps!

We believe that dreams are meant to be made reality, and we want to help make yours come true.. Don't let anyone get in the way of your future... you are not alone! We here at ' Europeans in New York' offer you our help so that everything goes your way in the Big Apple. You decide the goal, and we will help you achieve it.

Our services include: